Terms and Conditions

Together we make sure it works

Your presence is so nice and much appreciated. Whether it is an individual session, whether you come as a questioner or as a representative in a group constellation, we are happy to have you there.

Questioner for family constellations

Are you the one who introduces the question in a group constellation? What a beautiful movement you are making! We come together for you, with love. Feel that as a supervisor I make an effort to bring people together and work with you.

An external room is reserved. If you cancel, we still have costs to make. That is why the costs (90 euros per questioner) for cancellation are charged. This happens as follows:

Up to 2 months before the reservation date: cancellation free of charge

2 to 1 month before the reservation date: 50% of the total costs

1 month until reservation date: 100% of the total costs

At least six people will come for you. Canceling is easy because you don't pay in advance, as you normally would with such a serious appointment. So please realize that you also have a responsibility to honor that we come together by not canceling lightly.

Representatives: Everyone learns from (family) constellations

On the other hand, this also applies to representatives: as the questioner you are also there for them, because everyone learns from (family) constellations. Your vulnerability to submit your question resonates with the other participants, also vibrates through them. It's an interaction. Representatives or people who watch also heal through your attitude.

Well, the point is clear: both representatives and questioners should realize that their presence is really important. So avoid canceling and look forward to a wonderful wonder to experience together. If you cancel as a representative, the costs (10 euros per half day) will be charged to the representative if this is done 24 hours in advance.

Individual sessions

This also applies to individual sessions. I provide clean energy, I do that with love too. I also prepare the session and keep the time free for you. It can always happen that there is something important that prevents you from coming. Make sure you let me know in time so that I can take it into account. If this is done within 24 hours before the session, the costs (50 euros per session) of the session will be charged.

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