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Terms and Conditions

What does Dana mean?

Because I work on the basis of Dana work, its terms and conditions are somewhat different than when we, as we are used to, work with the agreed amounts.

What is important?
If you are going to be present at a family constellation with a question, be aware that as a facilitator I do a lot of effort to get people together and work with you. We come together to help you build a happier life.

At least 6 people come. Canceling is easy because you do not pay in advance, as you would normally do with such a serious appointment. So please realize that you also have a responsibility to honor that we come together. You can do this by taking a cancelation not too lightly.

On the other hand, this also applies to representatives: a questioner is also there for you, because everyone learns from family constellations. Their vulnerability to submit a question resonates with the other participants, also vibrates through them. It is an interaction. Representatives or people who watch the constellation, heal as well by being present at a constellation.

Well, the point is clear: with Dana you pay afterwards, a condition is that both representatives and questioners realize that their presence is really important. So avoid canceling and look forward to a wonderful miracle to experience together.

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