Experiences of Participants

You can find all testimonials on Familieopstellinge Deva Vasuda (Facebook). This is an open page so you do not have to have facebook to see it. This way you know that they are real. Please contact me if you notice that one of the testimonials on this page can not be found on facebook.

"I had a deep and transforming experience in the constellation guided by Deva Vasuda. She is a friendly and accurate guide, deeply connected to all members of the group. I definitely recommend her if you decide to walk this trip. Without hesitation. You will be in excellent, enlightening hands".
Patricia, Belgium

"I had a very profound experience with Deva Vasuda in the knowing field. Although I was a representative, I could feel so many connections between all of us. It had a profound impact on me and my own story. I felt that Vasuda was very well aware of all the different vibes between us. With a lot of softness, intuition and sensitivity she guided us step by step through our own strong emotions in a very grounded and experienced way. I was amazed at how she was able to make everyone feel at ease. We all went through a profound process in a fairly short time and had many useful answers for ourselves. I could feel that her approach and work came from the heart. I would like to do another session with her.
Chrissy, Germany

"I had the pleasure to participate with Deva Vasuda in different family constellations. On Corfu (Greece); Linz (Austria) and in Munich (Germany). She is doing this  very well. Everyone felt safe and in good hands, always, because of the loving and professional way in which they do this spiritual work. Deva Vasuda always knows what to do and what is really important.
So I can recommend her work with all my heart and soul".
Konrad, Germany

"Fine guidance from the heart. Thank you, Deva for your fine presence and for the space you offer to unfold and integrate all processes during and after the constellation".
Brigitte, Belgium

"I had a very profound experience led by Deva. She is a very intuitive, sensitive and friendly guide. She was able to provide great insights, creating a safe and supportive space to unfold problems and emotions. She guided us to a solution in a grounded and very respectful way. I heartily recommend her, you are in safe hands".
 Anca, Belgium

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