Retreat Longing to Belong

Retreat Longing to Belong 2023. Buddha Hal, Corfu, Greece.

A journey through your soul, guided by Deva Vasuda, with connecting Music by Jyoti and connecting Yoga with Audur.

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A holiday of growth

Our inner core longs to shine brightly and support us as we move through life’s challenges. The retreat is a holiday to yourself with meaning. It is here for us all, to replenish, to re-charge and to re-new our sacred connection with our ancestors, our inner being, our longing to belong. We all know how easy it is to sometimes lose touch with that….

Retune & Reconnect yourself

Reconnect to yourself through ancient ceremonies. Let yourself be carefully directed towards your transformation, re-tuning and reconnecting to yourself.

Join us in the healing and expansive power of your ancestors, yoga and music  at the magical environment where mother nature is guiding us. An opportunity to connect to your soul, your heart, to give it space to growth in you, to be guided to a stronger feeling of connection. 

We will bath in the transforming power of ceremonies guided by Deva Vasuda, as a clincing shower that allows you to embrace a more connected, joyful feeling to belong. Anywhere….Anytime.

Manifastation of Belonging

We all long to belong, and in this spirit the retreat Longing to Belong is created– a celebration of connection – shining within us and throughout our longing it is screaming to manifest. So – bring your light, your laughter, your tears, all your emotions. You are welcome to bond. You can feel safe and loved, with the support of like minds. You are so welcome.

Healing Ceremonies, Yoga & Music


Days will feature a morning program with ceremonies to connect, celebrate, bond, share, feel and shine, where we immerse ourselves into the healing field of connection.


Fueled by early morning Yoga guided by Audur. Mistress of natural yoga, where you can gently embrace the connection with your body and nature before you start the day.

Beach Time

In the afternoon, we have time to re-connect to our life’s true purpose on the beautiful beach, enjoy the waves, re-charge our energy cells, make new friends.


To consolidate our daily connection practice, we will gather each evening to bond over Jyoti’s Music. Her angel-like voice and warm soft energy will guide our musical journey into sound, silence, mantra and meditation. 


Sharing food is a language that connects us all. We will gather each morning to have breakfast together. And after the morning program we will have lunch together. The meals are very nourishing and prepared with great love on a vegan based menu.

Nourishing of the soul

Together, in this healing environment, we bathe in a joyful, inspirational, and loving rejuvenation of the spirit.

This is the key to the retreat: it nourishes the soul, giving us the strength and inspiration to go forward into our lives with a deeper sense of connection. 

A short introduction:

Prem Deva Vasuda

Deva is an inspired coach with an enormous interest and drive to awaken universal, age-old desires in the soul. The desire to belong, to be recognized, to have a place, to find a balance in giving and taking, it is all an essential part of her coaching practices.

In addition to the group constellations, she has been able to guide many people individually and from these sessions she discovered a common thread: the desire for connection. During her education as a certified System Coach (family constellations), and all previous trainings such as intuitive coach, NLP coach, Holos Therapy, but also in her own life she saw this call to healing come back again and again. This resulted in the Life in Connection trajectory. After a number of final rituals for this trajectory, it is now time to offer several rituals that are all connected to each other and are also about Longing to Belong.

Loning to Belong as a retreat was born from this.

Deva works in the Netherlands where she lives and in Greece (once a year) or online. Her first system work with groups was during the mantra festival in Corfu by Deva Premal & Miten where she had the opportunity to work several times with participants of the festival. She has a strong connection with mantra meditation. She always looks for universal ways to feel at home and enjoys sharing experiences and growth.

Prem Jyoti - Elke Delfosse

Inspiriter, singer​, crazy about mantras and inspired music. Jyoti is passionate about music, in all its forms, as long as the music is inspired and comes from the heart. She first came into contact with mantras years ago, and came home. She has further immersed herself in mantras and their positive, healing and harmonizing power. She organizes mantra circles in Belgium, where she lives. She has often personally experienced the power of mantras and singing together.

She founded Soul Happenings and organizes concerts in Belgium for big names like Deva Premal & Miten, Snataum Kaur, Kevin James Caroll and more. She has also been able to work as a singer with Kevin James Carol during his retreats.

Bringing people together in music and silence, in respect for each other and for all that is, uniting people, touching hearts, creating hope and sending a message of peace and tolerance, that is her wish.

Audur Bjarnadottir

Audur is an experienced Yoga teacher. She is a teacher in Reykjavik where she lives and where she trains participants to become yoga teachers. She studied at the Center for Yoga & Health, Mount Madonna Center, Kundalini Yoga Research, and the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.

Her connection with nature and wisdom about the body has already helped many participants. She has taken yoga under her wing with Kevin James Carol, among others, during his retreats. Her yoga is very accessible to everyone. Experienced or inexperienced, young, old, flexible, stiff. She will invite you on her journey you and surprise you.

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More information will follow in mid-March 2022, keep an eye on the inspiration mail!

The retreat includes two meals, transportation to and from the Buddha Hall to apartments in Arillas and free use of the pool at the Buddha Hall.

You still have to arrange accommodation and your trip to Corfu yourself.


The language of instruction will be English. Deva speaks English & Dutch and understands German. Jyoti speaks English, Dutch and French. Audur speaks English and Icelandic.

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