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Playing the Game of Life

Exploring life questions

Family setups. A particularly effective way to explore the life questions that everyone faces. Questions about illness, family, being there, meaning, work, depression, fears, love, entanglements and so much more. Find an answer in Family Constellations.

New insights

When you work with family constellations, you receive new insights that may not necessarily be more valuable than previous ones, but which allow for developments that were previously inconceivable. How that works, remains a miracle. We are so used to reason from knowledge and from our assumptions about what is of value. In addition, our intuition is often snowed under. Where we get stuck in our thinking, family constellations offer the opportunity to use the soul's work and to address deeper layers. A low-threshold form to experience this is the life game. In the game of life we ​​assume that we receive knowledge from various areas of our lives and can also use our intuition.

How does it work?

In the game of life we ​​work with a questioner and three words that come out of his question most strongly. We start with these words: initially from knowledge, then from intuition. In this way you become acquainted with an important principle from family constellations: the difference between working from knowledge and working from intuition.

In family constellations we mainly work from intuition, because we do not know much about the questioner. Yet it is becoming clear again and again that representatives in the knowing field feel the same way as the people they represent.

The game of life is a great way to look at thinking and intuition from a different perspective, and to experience together what this does to us. It is an interactive session that we do together, within a very safe bed with clear agreements. You can perform a life game with friends or with people you do not know.

Would you like to give it a try? Let me know and we will see if we can plan an afternoon or evening together.



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