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Table Constellations

At a trade fair you have the opportunity to get acquainted with table arrangements in an easy way. The nice thing about these fairs is: it's free for you, only when you want to pay for an arrangement.

At this point I only do this in the Netherlans. Feel free to invite me abroad or check out the Dutch page for dates in the Netherlands.

It is an easy way to see me personally. We work so profoundly in the field of systemic family constellations. Illness, stress, sadness, pain, anxiety, constriction, stuck, work, family, making contacts, making decisions, there is so much that comes along.

A table setup can be a good way to take a little look in the kitchen of all these things and more. It is a small constellation at such a fair, which takes a little shorter, so you can taste and feel if it is suitable for you.

In addition, you can also taste a variety of other things at a fair. There are so many beautiful people who offer healing work or beautiful products.

If you do a table arrangement with me at a fair, and you like it, then you have the opportunity to make an appointment via Skype / FaceTime, come for an individual session or come to a group as a representative or questioner.

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