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Online session

Digital Soul Work

Do you live abroad? Or is it not possible for you for another reason to come to my practice? Then it is possible to do a session online with systemic family constellations. Read Christine's experience below.


Wooden dolls
When I offer an online session, I often work with wooden puppets in different colors and in different sizes. After we have had a short intake talk about your question via Skype or FaceTime, we will give these wooden figures a place on a table. Here too, it does not only have to be related to family: with other materials we can also create themes such as diseases, work or world views. In fact, every question you have can also be drawn up online.

In the same way as with family constellations in a group, we will put the wooden figures and / or objects that we use as representative in the field. We do this by looking at the set-up together, whereby I, at your request, move elements. I will often ask you what happens to you if an constellation changes because we move things. It is amazing how this will affect your system, even if we work remotely and via a screen. There is a special experience waiting for you!

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