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Location on demand

Family Constellations at home

Because I also work abroad, it happens that I work with people from different countries. This happens mainly in Corfu, Arillas, Greece. There is not always time to do multiple constellations, but there can be a demand for it.

The result is that, on request, I also travel to Germany, or further away from home, to be able to do a family constellation with a questioner on request. I have also been approached via my website to do a constellation in (up to now) Belgium. Sometimes I go to people who are living in the Netherlands but would rather work in their own region.

How does this work?

Do you want an arrangement to take place at your home or in your practice? This is possible. Please contact me via the contact form or via facebook: Family constellations Deva Vasuda or call 00316 83239683.

We then discuss a date, whether there will be multiple questioners, perhaps a friend of yours, how long we will work.

I prefer to work with two questioners one afternoon, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.. If there is only one questioner, this can also be a morning or an evening of about 1.5 to 2 hours.

What I ask of you is to pay for my travel expenses and possibly provide overnight accommodation. Sometimes it stays that way. Sometimes these costs are low and I will ask you to contribute on top of these costs on the basis of dana (see other page). If you have two questioners, you can of course share the travel expenses that I make. I also ask you to take care of representatives yourself. I work with a minimum of 6 representatives and a maximum of 7. This includes the people with a question. Myself included: 7 or 8 in total, questioners, representatives and myself. I like to work with smaller groups so that everyone gets attention. That means you who asks the question, you who is asked to be a representative, or you who is watching the constellation.

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