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Family Constellations once a year, Corfu, Arillas, Greece

Unity in Diversity

Once a year I have the privilege of going to Corfu (Greece) to participate in the Gayatri Festival (and have some time on the beautiful island). At the festival I always enjoy giving a free workshop about my work with Family Constellations. If you are at the festival, you can join the workshop to get a taste of how I work. On request it is possible to receive individual sessions while I am on the island. I also give group sessions on request. You can see a number of references about my work on the island on the website (top menu). On this page you can see some pictures taken in Arillas Studios where the group sessions take place.

Deva Vasuda

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Deva Vasuda

Family Constellations once a year, Corfu, Arillas, Greece

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The beauty of working in Arillas is that all nationalities participate and there you have it: we can speak different languages, but our souls speak the same language. Miracles happen with people from all these different countries. It is a blessing, a wonderful way of connecting and healing in a small group, as the different countries with their history are also healed. I would love to see you there! On the pictures you can see beautifully how we move in the knowing field. You can see the positions of the representatives change. It is a little more visible how a situation unfolds when people are asked to stand in different places in the field or do this themselves.

For dates on Corfu, announcements appear on my Facebook page in the summer. Family constellations Deva Vasuda.
With much gratitude to Patricia from Belgium who made the photos and to George, one of the owners of Arillas Studios, Greece, for making the photos and the people who were there in that moment.


Deva Vasuda gives a warm, clear, patient, save and also powerful frame for the family constellation.
Thank you for the wonderful colourful frame Deva, and keep on doing.
- Christine, Swizerland -

Her loving and professional guidance was very healing for me! I was able to experience the love of my parents and my grandfather for me which was wonderful!
- Gregor, Swizerland -

I had a deep and transformative experience being guided by Deva Vasuda. She is a gentle and accurate guide, deeply connected to all the members of the group. I definitely recommend her if you decide to walk this journey, without hesitation. You will be in excellent, divine hands.
- Patricia, Belgium -

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