Feeling great in a small energy field

Practice room in Oosterbeek (near Arnhem)

Individual Sessions or working in a group

In Oosterbeek there is a space where we can work with small groups. In total, a group generally consists of eight people. Experience has shown that smaller groups provide safety, oversight, attention for both the questioner, representatives and the people who do not represent or ask a question.

Deva Vasuda

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Deva Vasuda

Practice room in Oosterbeek (near Arnhem)

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It is a space that lends itself to eight people, 12 at the most. If you get cold easily: take your own blanket with you when it's a bit cooler and/or extra socks. In the summer there are fans to keep it cool and you can go outside during breaks. There is also an opportunity to isolate yourself in the room where individual sessions are given. You can do this during the constellation if it is really necessary for you or just during the break. Or if you like to sit down for a little while by yourself before you go home. Sometimes that is necessary, often not.
During the constellation you can always take some coffee, tea or water or sit in a different place, to see what is happening in the field. Automatically this happens at rest and fits within the energy that exists in the knowing field in which we work.

It is also possible that when you have worked as a questioner in a group you will come back for an individual session or vice versa. In the case of an individual session: It may be the case for you to work on the same theme in a more personal setting. Or you may feel more at ease in an individual session and you choose that over working in a group.

It might happen that you want to come more often. Every time you get aware of new layers. All is possible: in a group or individually.

Information about dates for groups: check out my facebook page Family Constellations Deva Vasuda.

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