Feeling great in a small energy field

A brief picture of how it works

Family Constellations; something for you?

Do you wonder what the effect of a family constellation is? And whether it also works for you? Yes, I am convinced of that. I would like to tell you why I believe in the long-term and lasting effect of family constellations. The dynamics in (family) systems and the power of love that directs human relationships, can form blockades. This works through in the body. In the long run, a system can even change without the people out of your daily life, who belong to this system, involved in the constellation. I prefer to describe it as 'working at the soul level'. The best thing we carry with us, which can be seen again, which knows so much where we forget.

Working in a group

Working with each other in this magical field is an experience for all those present. It can work deeply. It does not really matter if you ask the question, if you are a representative during a constellation or if you are watching. Experience shows that there are often themes that affect you. That is the miracle of working in a group. Everyone has an energy field of about nine meters around them. Because of this busy world, we are mainly focused on thinking. During a setup we get out of our heads and feel more, we tune into the energy field of the questioner. It is simply amazing how much comes to the surface without us knowing that other person. There is also no right or wrong. Sometimes a representative feels nothing. For example, it might turn out that the person he or she represents is not really able to stay in touch with his feelings. Whatever happens, the constellation always unfolds something that needs to be seen. Sometimes large steps are made in a family constellation and sometimes an constellation is like an onion where a layer is peeled off. And so a process goes in steps. Everything is good.

Healing, gratitude, painful moments to come through, grief, feelings of shame, anger, joy. It all comes along in the knowing field. Within a discrete circle, where everything that is said stays in the room, we guarantee the safety to come back to the core that someone had been driven away from. By tapping into the system of the questioner together with others, we shake up the inner knowing.


At the moment I organize family constellations in the Netherlands and Greece.

In the Netherlands I give an average of one afternoon family constellations (with room for two questioners) or an evening of family constellations (with room for one questioner). If you want to participate as a questioner or representative, you can sign up for a group app. You will receive an occasional message when I still need a person with a question or representatives. Are you interested in this? Send me a private message via WhatsApp so that I can add you to the group. You can let me know each time whether you want to be there and in which role. You do this personally, at het same number, so no extra messages beside a dates every two months. You can also fill in the contact page here on the website if you prefer not to work via WhatsApp.

Would you like an individual session? That is also possible. Let me know and we discuss the possibilities without obligation. It happens that someone after a family constellation in a group needs another individual session. Or the other way around: perhaps you would prefer to work individually first. Sometimes you then go on to the group and sometimes it is not necessary at all. Individually can just better suit you.

Do you choose the group?

Most people find a group quite exciting. Very ordinary and no problem at all. My experience is that fortunately it always works out so that the safety  within the healing group ensures that everything ends up just fine. For both individual sessions and sessions with a group: a date on request is possible too. Call or email me, then we plan an appropriate date together. Look for dates of scheduled events on my Facebook page. You will also find the necessary references.

Want to know more or rather direct personal contact?
Feel free to call +31 6 832 396 83.

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