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Systemic Coaching; something for you?

Do you wonder what the effect of Systemic Coaching? And whether it also works for you? Yes, I am convinced of that. I would like to tell you why I believe in the long-term and lasting effect of Systemic Work. The dynamics in (family) systems and the power of love that directs human relationships, can form blockades. This works through in the body. In the long run, a system can even change without the people out of your daily life, who belong to this system, involved in the constellation. I prefer to describe it as 'working at the soul level'. The best thing we carry with us, which can be seen again, which knows so much where we forget.

Individual (on-line) sessions

Working with each other in this magical field is an experience for all those present. It can work deeply. Everyone has an energy field of about nine meters around them. Because of this busy world, we are mainly focused on thinking. During a session we get out of our heads and feel more, we tune into your energy field. It is simply amazing how much comes to the surface without knowing each other. Whatever happens, a session always unfolds something that needs to be seen. Sometimes large steps are made and sometimes a constellation is like an onion where a layer is peeled off. Sometimes one or two sessions will do. If you want to go deeper and would like to learn how to integrate the insights you will get by doing a session, I recommand Living in Connection were we will have six sessions to work together.

Healing, gratitude, painful moments to come through, grief, feelings of shame, anger, joy. It all comes along in the knowing field. Within a discrete environment, where everything that is said stays in the room,  you'll connect to the core you have been driven away from. By tapping into the system, we shake up the inner knowing.



Reach out to me here and we will scedual an appointment or contact me at 0031 683239683. You can learn more about the costs here.

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