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Sometimes you are stuck in old patterns. Patterns that have served you for a long time. But you find yourself stuck, in your relationship with others, in your work or with the education of your children. Do you want to get clear in which patterns you are stuck? Do not you know how to change your own behavior? Do you want to deal with past experiences and stand firm in the present?

Individual coaching on the basis of family constellations can free you from entrenched thinking patterns. Working individually with family constellations will strengthen you. For example in cases were you end up in the same situations again and again, or you seem to be dealing with the same type of people. I can help you to have less of that or even to deal with it completely by getting your system back in balance.

How does it work?

In an individual coaching session, I look at your issue together with you. We work with puppets or other materials to physically visualize your situation. It works in the same way as a family constellation with a group. The starting point is your system, whatever that is. It can be your family, your work, your relationship or your family. In an individual session with family constellations I guide you in mapping the way in which people in your specific system have provided invisible patterns. Patterns ensure desired and undesirable or even destructive behavior. We analyze this together by getting started with the constellation of your system.

Every action in the constellation brings about a reaction. This becomes visible and tangible when we move the dolls and materials into the field of your setup. You will notice a reaction in your body and I wil also tune into the field with you. Together we seek a new balance by moving all those involved to the right place in the system. You will find that this has a beneficial effect.

What do I get?

A coaching session generally takes 1.5 hours. We take a moment to visualize your question and then we get to work on your problem by making an individual (family) constellation. I give you personalized feedback. After a session you will be given a personal mantra or another reminder to easily give the essence of the session a place.

You can go through a development in a relatively short time. This can also be done by scheduling several sessions to peel off various layers of a problematic situation and thus uncover one by one. We usually get through to the core quickly.

It can take several sessions if you want to go deeper and want to be extra stimulated to master your new patterns. In that case the six sessions of 'Living in Connection' are what you are looking for. Besides you insights you will get from the constellations we do, you will receive tools to integrate that in your life. 

We always will start with an intake. Not only for 'Living in Connection' but whenever we will work with each other for the first time. You will find the costs for this first intake and the sessions at 'Costs' on this website.

I would love to see you initiate personal growth together with you!

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