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Family Constellations

(Working with family constellations often occurs in a group, individual sessions are also possible.)

What is a family constellation?

A family constellation is a method that aims at gaining insight at a soul level into the deeper layer behind a question. A family constellation literally portrays 'the system' of which you are part of. That can be your family but also other systems like your work.This is also called systemic work. The German Bert Hellinger (1952) developed, among other things from his interest in the psychological aspects of healing, the ideas behind systemic family constellations.

Family Constellations

When we start a family constellation, I will find out which people or other elements from your system are important to work with. Then I will choose representatives from a group of strangers to represent these people or elements. Together we will explore your question or problem by asking questions. Regardless of our background or knowledge, we work together from a 'knowing field', not from our head but from our heart. We welcome everything that presents itself. There is therefore no right or wrong, no judgment.

A family constellation often provides an amazing insight into relationships  that you are sometimes unaware of. This creates a deep sense, a knowing with which you can continue. Also questions that (apparently) have little or nothing to do with family can be solved by a family constellation. Surprise yourself!

A practical example

How does a family constellation actually work? We are with a small group of people in a practice room. After a short interview with the questioner, representatives are chosen. These can be representatives for family members, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, illnesses, world views and so on. When the requested representatives feel a 'yes' to represent, the questioner gives them a position in the field based on his intuition (the emptiness in space).

From there I will ask the representatives how they feel and what movements they would like to make. In the 'knowing field' a deeper dynamic then unfolds that often reveals what has not yet been seen by the questioner. The field is moving under my guidance. How it unfolds gives a deep insight into yourself, also for the representatives, and even for those who are only watching.

Family Constellations

  • Groups of 8 - 12 persons
  • Based on Dana
  • Transformation by difficult situations
  • Helps to heal

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