Working with Women in Your Family

The women in your system

Systemic Work can be wonderful to use aimed only at the women in your family line. This means that only women will be present during constellation with a group or we work with puppets and symbols in a individual session. We will discover the influence of the women in your family and how this matter still in your life. 

Systemic Work is a timeless concept

Our inner self can unfailingly connect with the soul that connects everything and everyone. It is as if we are a kind of radio, tuning on different frequencies, on the vibrations of the soul of generations for us or in the present life. This can be seen very nicely, especially a constellation of a Women's Line. Often several family members have an exceptional fate to bear. A woemn's Line is a good way for a woman to let go of ideas about the women's line.  It will unvold what is yours to keep and what is theirs. Not only the burdons but the gems as well.

Different levels

Women's lines also make it clear that there are different layers that are active in your life. There is a personal level, a level that the family feels as a whole, but also a collective level. These levels can be emphasized in the constellation. Because women in the womb already know what the mother is experiencing, feelings and experiences of the mother very strongly are paased on to the daughters. It can be very healing to unravel what has been of importance to the women in your family. It becomes clearer where a disruption in your life comes from. This way a woman's constellation opens your eyes to the dynamics of old fixed patterns. Solutions can thus gradually become clear, at a pace that suits you.

You can make an appoitment with me here or call 0031 683239683. I love to work with you and the women in your line!

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