Family Constellation Male Line

The men in your system

As a man you carry a fate that can go back generations, just like with women. It is often very clear that women suffer in this world. Yet the burdon of you as a male is no less. Men's lines that I have experienced very impressive. It has a tremendous deep effect to work with only men. It will show vulnerability. And how this is one of the many strengths of a male.

You as a male
Working with a constellation, a men's line, is very powerful. I, as the one who gives guidance, will be the only female present if we work in a group. Indivdual we work with puppets and symbols. You have a specific question about the men in your family or have a desire to look at it on a deeper level. By male line is meant: all men in the direct bloodline of the family, so sons, fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, great-great-grandfathers and so on.

It is wonderful to experience how incredibly exciting it can be for men to look at the vulnerability within the men's line. And how amazingly beautiful it is when the knowing field unfolds some rules about behavior as a male and how that is passed on from generation to generation. Rules that men seeminly have to follow, and how this is of influence on your current life. How this passes on to your own life or that of your children.

Dynamics of family ties
The hidden dynamics of family ties start to speak from the knowing field of your men's line. With this you give an impulse for healing. Even when we pick up on energy from long past members of your family you were not aware of. It is an excellent opportunity to be a man, with your strength, vulnerability and your whole being.

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