Feeling great in a small energy field

Deva Vasuda

Let me introduce myself

Hello, I'm Deva Vasuda. I have always been interested in entering landscapes that are not accessible to rational thinking. After my HBO training in personnel management, I followed various courses: Intuitive Therapist (working with chakras), NLP, Holos Massage Therapy and Meditation Teacher. In addition, I am a certified to guide Family Constellations . It was not until I attended the Systemic Family Constellations program from Jerphaas in Arnhem, that I came home. I also felt like a fish in the water at Kruispunten in Utrecht, where the link to business and company constellations was laid.

Supervisor of family constellations

Of course I take my experience as a job coach, trainer (communication / HR) and HR consultant in working as a supervisor of family constellations. But it is above all life experience and the trust in the guidance of the soul that makes me shine as an accompanist. And that is what I like to achieve with questioners, representatives and others, who work with me on all kinds of themes such as family, work, right to exist, belonging, feeling at home on earth, diseases, war, children, life and death, and so much more.

You can expect quiet, sensitive, open, loving, respectful, nurturing and meaningful guidance from me. It feels strange to say that about myself. But I have recovered these words from people with whom I live and work. You could say that my right to exist allows us to say this. My soul is also happy with it. For she knows that your soul is no different. It may be there, be seen. Family Constellations reveal that more than once. I am enthusiastic about it and I would like to experience this together with you in the near future!

Of course I am the one who supervises the constellations, but in the end we work in a field where we work together. At the soul level to help to reveil to the questioner what was hidden under so many layers. To help to reveil what within the system of the questioner needs to heal. We unfold that together. A wonderful process to be able to do together.

I would like to see you, to let our voice speak in the knowing field together.

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