Individual Sessions or Group Work

What do you prefer?

In Oosterbeek (near Arnhem) I have my own practice where we organize individual sessions and group sessions.

Individual sessions can be done on-line as well.

I also work at Corfu or at your location for groups- and individual sessions.

Individual Sessions

We work with figures and symbols. In addition, we work with exercises to let you experience something by means of 'do' and 'feel'. You are in charge, I will guide you in finding your way. Sometimes there are deep insights in 1 or 2 sessions. If you want to convert those insights into a connected application in your life, I recommend the six sessions of the Living in Connection.

Experience shows that both lead to very good results when we do it online.

Group Work

In the practice in Oosterbeek there is a space where we can also work with small groups. Or you can contact me for the possiblities to work with you at another location. 

In total, a group generally consists of eight people. Experience has shown that smaller groups provide safety, overview, and attention for the questioner, representatives and people who do not represent or ask a question. Some people would like to come and watch, which is possible. It also happens that you are not chosen as a representative. In any case, it always turns out to be a valuable time commitment, for the questioner, the presenters or people who are there with there energy along the line.

Would you like to make an appointment? You can do this here or you can contact us by telephone on 06-83239683.

I like to see you!

More about Individual Sessions

Individual sessions can have a deep impact. Together we investigate what presents itself in your system and what this means for you. We also look at how you can tackle the common thread in a practical way, particularly in the Living in Connection process. From insights to living in connection. From feeling to life to your feeling. From authenticity and in connection with the other. Living in Connection peels of those layers on a deeper level. 

Or groups

It is also possible that when you have worked as a questioner in a group you will come back for an individual session or vice versa. The former may help you to delve deeper into themes in a different setting, or you may feel more at ease in an individual session.

It's okay to come more often. Every time you come across new layers within yourself, even if that is because of something that apparently has little to do with your life story.

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