Life in Connection trajectory

In seven sessions we bring you back to your source, your authentic self. Reconnect with yourself on your way to connecting with others.

Individual sessions

Would you like to gain insight into a theme that you have been struggling with for a long time? Do you value uncovering secrets in the first place, more than how you then integrate this into your life? Then individual sessions are very suitable!

Group Setups

Ask your question and we will look for an answer with a group of representatives. We work with people who don't know each other. Intuitive and involved, healing can be found for both the questioner and the representatives.

Live your Inner Realm

Music, poetry, drawing and painting… be inspired and invited to let life flow. Without a focus on the result, but with a warm connection to the process.

Representing: The Knowing Field

How does that work, setup work

How do you get in touch with the feelings of knowing? Where does that information come from?

Your investment: what will it cost?

Works based on Dana

I work on the basis of cost price and the Buddhist dana principle. Simply put, I don't earn anything from the sessions, except from what you give as a donation. This is a more pure way of working for me.


Read the latest blogs soon and stay informed about new dates for group constellations or retreats

Knowing who is guiding you is of course nice. This way you get a first picture for a good match. I would like to introduce myself!

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Inspiration from your own practice

What my customers say

It is with a warm heart that I would like to share what a few clients I had the pleasure of working with have experienced in our collaboration. It is the sum of us together that makes this possible. I don't know the answers, but I do know the way to the answers that lie within you.


I had a deep transformation experience under the guidance of Deva Vasuda.

She has a strong connection with whom she works and an accurate and gentle demeanor.

I would definitely recommend her on your trip, no doubt. You will be in excellent, divine hands.”​


I have had the pleasure of working with Deva Vasuda more often in groups. Both on Corfu (Greece), Linz (Austria) and Munich (Germany). Everyone feels safe and in good hands thanks to her loving and professional manner during this spiritual work. Deva Vasuda always knows very clearly what to do, she gets to the core and actually helps the whole group move forward. So I can recommend her guidance with all my heart and soul”.


I had a deep experience under Deva's guidance. She's badintuitive, sensitive and gentle. She offered great insights by adopting a safe and supportive attitude. Emotions were given space in a grounding way. I was guided towards an answer in a respectful manner. I warmly recommend her, in her hands you are safe”.


Her loving and professional guidance was very healing for me! I managed to experience the love of my parents and grandparents and that was really special for me!

– Gregor



make whole

some generations

lag you

to wait

Live Inner Realm

Make music, draw, paint, close.. Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you think, capable of more than you think.

When you master the art of not getting carried away by your head, you can be guided by the dreams of your heart.


Make an appointment? I'd love to see you, send an email with your request for help or call! I look forward to hearing your story and how we can rewrite it constructively.

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Practice space Arnhem (Oosterbeek)