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Do you ever struggle with life questions? These can be big questions about the meaning of life or the meaning of your existence. For example, because you are dealing with illness, depression, addiction, fears or other stumbling blocks in your life. It can also be everyday questions about your work, your company, the education of your children or the interaction with family members.

Every person has his own questions. And every person has his own story. In the end, we all seek a way to get home. At home with yourself. Are you looking for answers to life questions? Are you looking for guidance on your personal way home? System Coach Deva Vasuda helps you further!

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What is Systemic Work?

With Systemic Coaching you and your question are the centre. You are not alone in your life. You have people around you who, consciously or unconsciously, have an influence. That can be positive but also negative. To explore your question, we make a constellation with figures and symbols. It is very useful even if you do this on-line. We have great results with it. In a group this happens with people you usually don't know.

Together we will explore your life question. Also questions that (apparently) have little or nothing to do with family can be solved by a (systemic) constellation! This can be done during a separate individual session, or during the Living in Connection Pathway (both available on-line) or group constellations.

Whatever your choice is, it is a wonderful to uncover the answers that you carry with you on a soul level. I would love to work with you during on-line sessions.

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Deva Vasuda

Family Constellations

Deva Vasuda

My name is Deva Vasuda. I have always been interested in entering landscapes that are not accessible to rational thinking. After my HBO training in personnel management, I followed courses for Intuitive Therapist (working with chakras), NLP, Holos Massage Therapy and Meditation Lecturer. In addition, I am a certified to guide Family Constellation. You can expect quiet, sensitive, open, loving, respectful, nurturing and meaningful guidance from me.

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